Community Hacked Episode 10 - Shopify’s Community Building Playbook

The Shopify community is more than a forum. It is a place to connect with brands and makers, partners, and commerce shakers. With over 900k members, the community heavily relied on its in-person events division, Shopify Spaces, to scale intimacy and build engagement.

​During the pandemic, Chris Snyder, Community Lead at Shopify Spaces, was challenged to transition the offline community online and get it fully integrated into the overall ecosystem.

​Join us on March 25th to learn:

​How to build an engagement in the online community without in-person events

​How to create intimacy and relevant connection in a large-scale community

​High-impact activation strategy with hyperlocal in-person events

​At the end of the interview, you will participate in a curated peer group yourself. You will be matched with a few other community builders or leaders at a similar stage trying to solve similar challenges.