Community Hacked Episode 9 - AMA with Rosie Sherry: Lessons Learned from 15 Years of Community Building

​Rosie Sherry started her journey in 2007 when she founded The Software Testing Club which evolved into The Ministry of Testing. She turned it into a profitable business and an engaged community of 25k+ members.

​After a decade of experience building as a founder, she recruited a new CEO. She left to pursue her passion as a community leader to help grow some of the industry’s most well-known community brands: Indie Hackers and Orbit.

​Now Rosie is back as a queen of Rosieland, where she’s on the mission to empower the next generation of community builders and share everything she has learned.

​Don’t miss this rare opportunity to unpack two decades of hard-won community engagement & growth lessons into practical takeaways you can apply right away.